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3-PARTITION PLATE - 11.5" diam.

3-PARTITION PLATE - 11.5" diam.

The 3 partition plate is one of our main course plates. Available in various colors. Ideal for home use.


This plate is break-resistant, 100% food safe, eco-friendly and dishwasher-safe.


Custom permanent branding of logos or full-color artworks is possible on the upper surface of this item. Partial or full cover is possible. Extra charges for branding and origination apply. MOQ is 12pcs.  Call us at +254717902362 for more details.


Do not Microwave. Do not place in hot ovens.


  • Care & Maintenance Tips

    Melamine Crockery Care & Maintenance Tips

    (For Melamine Crockery, Tableware & Drinkware)

    Follow these simple care and maintenance instructions (tips) to make your KIP® products serve you for a long time…

    How to care for your KIP® Products:

    • DO NOT soak melamine dishes in boiling water. This will cause the items to lose their shine.
    • DO NOT let the crockery soak for long periods (several hours) in dirty water as this may stain the items.
    • DO NOT let food and/or drinks remain for long periods on/in the crockery as this will be harder to wash and cause staining (see below for stain removal. It is best to wash the crockery shortly after use.
    • When washing, use warm or cold water. DO NOT use boiling water
    • When washing, DO NOT use abrasive detergents (like VIM powder or harsh liquids). Normal household dishwashing liquid detergents work well.
    • When washing, DO NOT use abrasive agents (like steel-wool). Use soft sponges. At most you can use the green scouring sponges without pressing too hard when washing.
    • Melamine dishes can be washed in dishwashers using normal dishwasher detergents provided that the machine is set on the “air-dry” setting (as opposed to “heat dry”).
    • The best way to dry melamine crockery is by standing them up in drying racks and letting them air-dry or towel dry.
    • Although melamine items have break-resistant properties, they are not Break-Proof. This means that if handled too roughly or dropped hard, they can crack and/or break. So, do handle them with some amount of care.
    • 10. Melamine crockery, is not suitable for use in microwave ovens. Microwaves may create bubbles and/or cracks due to overheating the material.
    • Sharp and serrated knives may scratch the surface of melamine items if pressed too hard while cutting food on them.
    • To remove food and/or drink stains you may soak all melamine items in a bucket full of cold (room temperature) water with a 2% bleach (Sodium Hypochlorite) concentration (i.e. 20ml per litre of water). Let the items soak for 10 minutes then wash with dishwashing detergent and rinse.

    We hope you enjoy your KIP® Melamine products for a long time.

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