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This is a simple example of the BRANDED 10" (25 cm) Classic Dinner Plate. Branding can be done in any size and/or in full color practically anywhere on the item where it's flat and relatively horizontal. The branding will be permanent and cannot be changed/modified once done. This plate has had great success with its heavy-duty break-resistant and shatter-proof features in the catering industry.


100% Food-Safe. Non-microwaveable. Can be washed in a household or commercial Dishwasher.


The minimum order quantity (MOQ) for this BRANDED item is 100pcs. One-time Origination Costs per design per artwork apply (please feel free to call us at 0722 773 850 to speak to a representative and to find out more).



  • Care & Maintenance Tips

    Melamine Crockery Care & Maintenance Tips

    (For Melamine Crockery, Tableware & Drinkware)

    Follow these simple care and maintenance instructions (tips) to make your KIP® products serve you for a long time…

    How to care for your KIP® Products:

    1. DO NOT soak melamine dishes in boiling water. This will cause the items to lose their shine.
    2. DO NOT let the crockery soak for long periods (several hours) in dirty water as this may stain the items.
    3. DO NOT let food and/or drinks remain for long periods on/in the crockery as this will be harder to wash and cause staining (see below for stain removal. It is best to wash the crockery shortly after use.
    4. When washing, use warm or cold water. DO NOT use boiling water
    5. When washing, DO NOT use abrasive detergents (like VIM powder or harsh liquids). Normal household dishwashing liquid detergents work well.
    6. When washing, DO NOT use abrasive agents (like steel-wool). Use soft sponges. At most you can use the green scouring sponges without pressing too hard when washing.
    7. Melamine dishes can be washed in dishwashers using normal dishwasher detergents provided that the machine is set on the “air-dry” setting (as opposed to “heat dry”).
    8. The best way to dry melamine crockery is by standing them up in drying racks and letting them air-dry or towel dry.
    9. Although melamine items have break-resistant properties, they are not Break-Proof. This means that if handled too roughly or dropped hard, they can crack and/or break. So, do handle them with some amount of care.
    10. Melamine crockery is not suitable for use in microwave ovens. Microwaves may create bubbles and/or cracks due to overheating the material.
    11. Sharp and serrated knives may scratch the surface of melamine items if pressed too hard while cutting food on them.
    12. To remove food and/or drink stains you may soak all melamine items in a bucket full of cold (room temperature) water with a 2% bleach (Sodium Hypochlorite) concentration (i.e. 20ml per litre of water). Let the items soak for 10 minutes then wash with dishwashing detergent and rinse.


    We hope you enjoy your KIP® Melamine products for a long time. 

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