Quality & Environment

Reliable Quality And Responsibility For Our Environment

All our product lines are regularly tested for quality, durability, and style to ensure that our customers are always satisfied and getting the best value from the products they buy. We apply Total Quality Management at all levels of the organization so that everyone is involved in providing the best products and timely service to our valued customers. In light of this, we have been approved and certified by KEBS (Kenya Bureau of Standards) for all our Product Categories.

Our production facilities are located in Nairobi’s Industrial Area on 10 Pate Road just off LungaLunga Road. We currently employ approximately 70 employees and are committed to constantly ensuring that our people are well trained in our production processes in a way that our quality is never compromised. We use the best possible quality of raw materials from various global sources and pride ourselves on the quality of our finished products.

“Quality is the one thing we stand for. Quality of product, quality of service” says FayazLadha, CEO.

One main objective of KIP Melamine Co Ltd is to ensure a friendly and safe environment for the surrounding community. The community includes staff, customers and the public at large. Guided by the provisions of the Occupational Safety and Health Act, 2007, the company has the mandate to carry out all its operations in a manner acceptable to the public, and will always avoid any activity which will cause any harm to health and safety of the people, assets and the environment.

We are committed therefore to a company policy that focuses on sustainability and responsibility in matters of environmental protection. The overall system involves avoiding or reducing the environmental impact of the company and its products and the protection of the health and safety of its workforce.

KIP is certified by the National Environment Management Authority – Kenya (NEMA).